Skin treatments

Treatments for Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness: Distressed about the dark bags under your peepers? Common in all skin types dark circles add years to your look. Causes may include fatigue, hyper pigmentation, allergies, atopic dermatitis and dilated blood vessels. Puffiness is a common symptom of allergies, lack of sleep, stress, and poor diet. While cold ice packs and soothing eye cream with aloe and vitamin can help to some extent, creams like Hemorrhoid cream do more harm than good, such creams need to be avoided. Medical help is required to treat the eye condition.

The treatment to cure both these symptoms includes using arginine peels and claze peels to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

Arginine peel taps in the benefits of brown sugar which improves collagen, increases elasticity and hydrates the skin. They also work effectively in treating acne eruptions, reducing dark circles. Brown sugar is an excellent exfoliator which sloughs off dead skin cells leaving a smooth textured glowing skin. Its anti-bacterial properties together with glycolic acid condition the skin and protect it from harmful toxins. The peel functions at the top layer of the dermis.

Claze contains a unique combination of ingredients that help in reducing the visible signs of intrinsic ageing and pigmentation around the eyes. Within four to eight weeks, the treatment further diminishes the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and crow’s feet. The peel is derived from willow bark extract which contains salicylic acid, a BHA that acts as a natural exfoliant, helping the skin to shed dead cells, keep the pores clear, and reducing age spots and discolouration. The acid also stimulates regeneration of cells.

Microdermabrasion: In recent years this treatment has become very popular among people with patients desiring rapid recovery time, lack of anaesthesia, and low risk of cutaneous side effects such as scarring and discolouration. It is recommended for those who have photo-ageing or acne scars. It is a non-surgical procedure which is much similar to the superficial chemical peeling which doesn’t involves usage of needles. The mechanical ablative method utilizes a hand piece that drives aluminum oxide or salt crystals at high speeds. The crystals bombard the surface of the skin and cause graduated detachment of the stratum corneum and epidermis. The crystals and the exfoliated skin are simultaneously removed with a vacuum on the hand piece.

The depth of ablation achieved using microdermabrasion is dependent on various factors including speed of the crystals, the rate of the movement of the hand piece, and number of passes across a given area. Thus, it is adjustable for treatment of skin with varying depths.

After the procedure, cool water or gel may be used to soothe the skin. A broad-spectrum sunblock is then applied to the treatment area and the patient is counselled again on sun protection and avoidance. The post-care includes avoiding going out in direct sun for next 2 days and also avoid bleach or facials for about 4 to 5 days. The erythema from the procedure should resolve after several hours and exfoliation is expected for the next 2 days.

These treatments are repeated monthly and at least 2 sessions are to be done.