Yoga for skin

 The procedures that help you keep your skin glowing, healthy and nourished. The facials that we give at our clinic are result driven; we create a unique facial for each client based on their specific skin needs and goals/concern. The experience is relaxing, and simultaneously you will notice changes in your skin texture and health that no spa facials can deliver. We give you radiant skin without using bleach or chemicals. These facials are for men as well but before you come for the treatment we recommend you to shave.

 1) Oxymax:  Our lifestyle, eating habits, pollution and dirt take a toll on our skin. The pollution and stress make our skin sensitive and prone to redness, acne and product sensitivity. Oxymax facial replenish and rejuvenate your dermis, with the right set of products chosen by the dermatologist as per your skin type and age. The treatment is decided according to your age, the products used would be different for a woman aged more than 40 years and for that of a 30 plus woman. This is because the need of a younger skin is proper cleansing while that of a matured skin is moisturisation. For men we have a different massage which uses products that can benefit their skin type, which is thick in texture. Oxymax facials differ as per season also, different facials for different weather. Our skin changes with season and so should the products that we use in this facial. At Mehak, gel based massages and oil absorbing packs are used in monsoons while in winters these are replaced with hydrating ones.

We recommend at least one session of this once a month for someone who wants to take good care of the skin and those who are prepping up for a special occasion can also give it a shot.

2) Depigmentonex: Sunlight is a major factor for the appearance of premature ageing, independent of facial wrinkling, skin colour and elasticity. Over exposure of UV rays stimulates the production of melanin which leads to pigmentation. Depigmentonex facial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and reduces the pigmentation by dissolving dead skin cells, regenerating new cells, giving a radiant skin tone. It also removes tanning, so no more fretting after your beach holidays as this facial can be a skin saviour. It is suitable for all skin types and ages. We recommend one session every month for a brighter and clear complexion.

3) Acnex: This treatment is basically for the teenagers, combined with medical treatment the facial aims to reduce acne, inflammation, red marks and also helps to keep them in control. Tea tree oil and neem leaf extracts are used in this procedure. Tea tree oil cuts through dirt and grime, unclogging the pores, its antibacterial properties fight bacteria and prevent future breakouts. Since ages neem has been used for maintaining a healthy skin. Its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties are highly effective for oily and acne prone skin. Together the benefits of these natural ingredients are used in this procedure to leave the teenaged skin looking flawless.

4) Milia Removal: Milia is dead skin cells getting trapped inside pores causing inflammation and white head bumps on the skin which contains a protein called keratin. This condition is mostly seen in those with dry skin. These are removed using disposable needles, removing the keratin from the affected area and leaving the area to heal. The procedure is carefully done by the dermatologist to cause you no scarring.