Botox has become the most sought after cosmetic treatment, wherein small doses of Botox drug are injected to treat facial wrinkles and sagging skin. These drugs are purified form of botulinum toxin A, which means there is no botulism risk when used in the right way. They work by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, softening the appearance of wrinkles. Botox works effectively on wrinkles that haven’t quite set – the “dynamic” wrinkles that appear while you’re moving your face fall under this category. The procedure can be used for treating problem of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), both of hands and arm pits. There is no need of giving anaesthesia before the treatment as pain is minimal. It usually takes less than 20 minutes for completing the treatment. Frown lines, fine lines and wrinkles reduce within a few days, however, results may vary according to the individual. The effects of the treatment last around 3-6 months after which the procedure can be repeated. One of the major advantages of this is that there is little or no recovery time, and most people feel fine and can return to their normal life immediately after the procedure.