How to take care of your skin, hair and feet while running

Acne, blisters, chafing and sunburns are few of the common skin woes that runners face as side effects of their sport. But the problems just don’t end on skin conditions, however hair and feet problems also add to the list. While running improves the blood flow removing toxins and making your skin glow it also poses to be the worst enemy of your dermis. Here are few tips that can help you keep your skin problem-free from top to toe:

– Always wear cotton clothes that are comfortable and not very tight. The undergarments should be well fitted so that the skin surfaces don’t rub against each other causing rashes.

– After a workout we tend to sit in air-conditioned environment which dries the sweat but the salts still remain on the scalp. In order to remove these salts you need to wash your hair everyday with a normal shampoo after coming back.

– If the hair feels dry then you should apply a conditioner. Ideally using it once or twice a week would be appropriate. An easy way to know whether your hair needs a conditioner or not is by running your fingers through the hair while washing it, if the hair tangles then you need to condition it and if the fingers pass through smoothly then you don’t.

– Once the strands are cleansed and conditioned, it is time to dry it out. Make sure you dry the roots properly with a hair dryer.

– Though it is ideal to go for workouts without wearing anything on your face but looking at the pollution levels one can’t really go bare skin. Apply a mild moisturiser which penetrates into the skin easily hydrating it without causing any stickiness.

– Before you step out make sure you apply a physical sunscreen with SPF 15 to 30 so that it saves you from sun damage.

– Cleanse your face after coming back to remove the dirt and pollutants and also to enable the skin to gain back its resistance.

– As far as feet care is concerned the first thing that you should keep in mind is to cut the toe nails regularly. Long toe nails can get traumatized getting hit against the shoe which further leads to ingrown toe nail.

– Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection to which runners are prone to. In order to prevent this condition you need to wash your feet after coming back and dry them properly. Make sure the spaces between the toes is dry and for that use dryer.

– Before you go running put an anti-fungal powder on your feet especially between the fingers.

– Don’t forget to sun-dry your shoes at least once a week.

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